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Friday, April 11, 2014

A Peek at Studio 3.0 Updates to Come

Good day Silhouetters, I thought I should take a moment to make a video showing you some of the features you can expect in the updated version of the Studio V3 software. We are still doing beta testing and reporting back to Silhouette. I just want all of you to know how very hard everyone is working to make this software fun, user friendly and the very best it can be. I've always loved using the wonderful Studio software and know I will continue to love it. There is no comapny I know of who is so dedicated to the best customer support a company can provide. They listen to their customers and take action. A big standing ovation for Silhouette :)

Here is a video giving you all a peek at what is to come.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Working as a Beta Tester fo Stuido 3.0

Good day everyone, I am so happy to announce; jut as i expected Sihouette Support and the Silhouette Programmers have been working just as hard as I knew they would be. Myslef and several others have been asked to be Beta testers. I've been really, really busy doing some thorough checks on the list of things they asked for their Beta testers to test. The list is below.

I loved seeing hte old cutting settings back. I know many of you will too. Now we just all have to be patient while we wait for the release of the update. I've found a couple of issues with the Beta version and I know Silhouette Programmers will get these fixed. I'm sure it won't be too long before we are all happy cutters again.

Soon, I'll be making a video showing some of the Beta features. Please, stay tuned.

Happy Crafting everyone! Hugs,

A list of adjustments is found below: ·         Removed [Cut Settings]-[Editing: XXX]-[Cut Line Pattern] (removed line styles in “Cut Settings” as these will be built out later in the “Line Style” menu)
·         Trace controls often lock up.  - Fixed
·         Include 'No-Go' area display when Reg-Marks are Applied (Crosshatch)
·         Removed ZOOM % from title bar.
·         Offset was reported by some users to be inoperative.  - Fixed.
·         Offset margin changed from 0.250 to 0.125
·         Implement Packet Size selection in Preferences (same as V2)
·         Eraser shows 'Not Responding' when used on designs with a moderate line count - partial fix (new processing bar to indicate action - also a new algorithm is in pipeline)
·         Save as Legacy does not retain Reg-Marks - Fixed
·         SSV3 crashes when opening files saved in SSV3 - Fixed
·         New “Standard” cut mode in “Cut Settings” panel to return to familiar style of cutting, but retained new abilities to also cut by color & layer
·         Fix SSV3 import of SSV2 Reg-marks .studio files containing Reg-Marks are now rendered correctly.
·         Render the Cut Preview on top of the Design View. This solution allows the selection of objects in the 'Cut-Preview'.
·         Fields now update with return key and typed value with just hitting 'Apply' button
·         Removed “Auto-Weld” and “Convert Strokes To Outlines” checkboxes from SSV3 – necessary due to return of “Standard” cut mode
·         Auto-weld (cut edge) feature in the Cut-by color/layer list
·         Enter key now updates Move, Scale, Rotate entry fields correctly
·         Send Dashed lines from Design Page to Cut Preview then to cutter.
·         Added back the Inverted Reg-Marks feature
·         Show Print Border available in Page Settings - Keyboard Shortcut:  Toggle Print Border on/off: CTRL + SHIFT + P
·         Show Cut Border available in Page Settings - Keyboard Shortcut:  Toggle Cut Border on/off:   CTRL + SHIFT + E
·         Fixed and developed the relationship between the Rotate Center and Replicate functions.    Keyboard Shortcut:  Toggle Center of Rotation:  'O'
·         Improved ability to load in Layers from SVG exported from Adobe. (Some SVG from Adobe come with all layer groups encased within an  enclosing node.)
·         Cut-by-Fill-Color function implemented.
·         Cut-by-Fill-Texture function implemented.
·         Cut-by-Fill-Gradient function implemented.
·         Clean-ups to Text Style Panel:
§  When text shape is not being edited
·         Up/Down arrow can be used to select the next/prev font in the list
·         Typing a font name can select fonts in the list
§  When text shape is being edited:
·         Up/Down arrow maintain the previous function.
·         Fixed ability to drag a pattern from library into a shape on the draw area.
·         Save As Legacy (V2)
·         Add warning message for Save As Legacy  (may not save all V3 data in V2 filedata, don't save over original file etc)
·         Allow cut area to extend to 5000.0mm height when carrier sheet = OFF.
·         Allow media height up to 5000.0mm
·         Changed default setting for SVG import - 'As-Is'.
·         Fix issue where using cancel button when shutting down cause an exception.
·         Printing issue with missing tiles fixed

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Studio 3.0 Cutting Card Inserts As A Print and Cut

After I made the previous video I had some emails and comments asking how to go about cutting card covers or card inserts so the words or images would only print and not cut. This video will walk you through the easy steps using "Cut by Layers" for those with the Studio Designer Edition and "Cut by Line Color" for those with the basic edition. I hope this will be helpful for those of you who are just now installing the Studio 3.0 software.

Below the video are the inserts I cut in Studio 3.0. You can see I did this quickly by the messing inking I

Monday, April 7, 2014

Studio 3.0 More Explorations and About Bug Reports

Over at the Silhouette Plus Forum we now have a new pinned topic just for "Suggestions and Bug Reports" thanks to Barbara (bdjeepers) excellent idea. You will find this post in the "Discovery and Discussions" forum in the newly created Studio 3.0 forum. We would appreciate any feed back you have to share.

Silhouette called me today and asked for me to go ahead and email the current list. Believe me, they are working hard to fix the issues so all of us Studio 3.0 users can enjoy better performing software.

As I learn more and figure out some of the things I'm doing wrong I'll be making videos. I really don't want to see others get as frustrated as I've been or lose their faith in such a wonderful company like Silhouette, I hope each video will be helpful and I hope we can all keep our pateince while Silhouette programmers work through these issue.

Here is to day's video. I hope it's helpful. P.S. Below the video is a picture of the bunny in the video I cut today. It turned out perfect! Sorry about the picture. The bunny is sucha a pale blue it was hard for me to get a good picture.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sharing A Technique from Patty used for the Jesus on the Cross Light Box

I am blessed to have met so many fellow Christian ladies and others through my blog and other sites. Patty is one of my newest treasures of people I've met. I've emailed the "Jesus on the Cross" light box cutting file and instructions to many and have been blessed by the responses of the people who have made them and are enjoying them as much as they are.

This file had to be sent by email to help prevent the naughty people who have taken designs and sold them as their own.From my heart and my love for our Lord; I bbelieve this is not a cutting file that should be sold. I will continue to email the file and instruction to anyone whom uses the "Email Me" link located on the right side of my blog page. I hope this cutting file will bring you and yours Easter reflections of the true meaning of Easter.

I am so pleased to share this photo and a link to Patty's blog Rosetresures Blog so you can check out more of her photos and a very nice technique she used to bring more light in. Thank you Patty for sharing this and for sharing the photos and your clever technique.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Studio 3.0 Video Regarding the Cut by Color and Cut by Layers Settings Edited to Add Cut Samples

I made this video late, last night. Actually early in the morning it was 1 a.m. So many have been perplexed by the new cut settings and it has many of us missing the old familiar No Cut, Cut Edge, settings. From my understanding through the many conversations and emails I've had with support this is one of the things they ae planning to bring back. I sure hope so.

While I love many of the new features the new software has bugs and I'm not on board with the way we will now have to cut if they don't bring back the old cut setting. I still have more experimenting to do. I've done some cutting and have made some messes in the process. I'm still learning and hope I can share the things I learn to make this transistion into using the new Studio 3.0 software a bit easier. I'll do my best to keep you posted and I plan on doing some more test cuts today.

Here is a little video showing you how to use the new cut setting in the current Studio 3.0 update. I would like to add, if you are thinking about not updating for now it may be a good idea not to update until Silhouette has released the new update addressing the bugs/ issues they have at this point. I'm running 3 versions of the software on one computer so this will help take my frustrations away while I learn the new Studio 3.0 software.

I edited this post to add some photos of the cut samples I made. To explain a little bit; I did allof these cuts in the "Layers" cut settings. The bunny is "Auto Welded" in these pictures.When doing an "Auto Trace" on the butterflies it cut way off and only cut out the square and not the shape of the butterflies. I had to do another "Auto Trace" and use the "Trace and Detach" to get them to cut nicely. I also had to place the butterflies on a cutting board by themselves to get the nice cut. When I added the sample bunny I drew in Silhouette; I ended up with another mess. This is not acceptible to me. I was always able to create "Print and Cut" images in the old software and simply select "Cut Edge" to get a perfectly cut image. Come on Silhouette I love you but; REALLY! this is a MESS.

Cut on a totally separate s"Layer" after tracing and doing the "Trace and Detach"

Traced and Detached on a Separate cutting file with this layer only

Traced and Detached Butterflies with the Bunny added and the Auto Weld Advance feature on

Cut with the Auto Trace done but not the Trace and Detach

No Trace and Detach and look at that poor

Cut with the Legacy Edition (2.9.45) You can still download this version and install it.

I made another cutting file. Making the bunny just like I did for the ones I cut in the Studio 3.0. Look at the difference using the old feature "Cut Edge". I'm sticking with cutting on the Legacy (2.9.45) Edition until Silhouette gest this fixed.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Silhouette Studio Version 3.0 Video and Chat

What a day, and night these past couple of nights have been. As many of you already know; the new Silhouette Studio 3.0 version has been released. I am so excited about this new software. This being said; I have to let you know there are a few bugs/glitches which Silhouette Support is currently working on and will be releasing a new update which will fix these bugs. I just got off the phone with the director of Silhouette and he assured me the new update will be coming soon. Kay (Clever Someday) from the Silhouette Forum and her delighful, insightful, extremely helpful blog is way on top of this. She has been coresponding with Silhouette and believe me, if anyone can help them along this wonderfully intelligent lady can do it. If you've never visited her blog you are missing out on some amazing stuff. She has the best tutorials and she makes the most wonderful discoveries. You can visit her blog by clicking on this link: Clever Someday Geeky Ideas for Desktop Crafters

I've only begun looking, testing, and tryning out the new Studio 3.0 software. I love it and know I'll love it even more when the bugs are all fixed. It seems to run faster, smoother, and has some great new features. Here is a list of the bugs/glitches they are working on and will soon be releasing the new updates on.

1. Compatability Issue - Currently when you create and save a cutting file in the new Studio software it will not open in older versions of the software unless you update to the 3.0. They are fixing this.

2. Cut Lines and Cut Settings - Right now it's a bit of an ordeal to cut a file which has perforated and straight cut lines. More about this is in my video. I miss the "Cut Edge and the No Cut" feature. They are working on this issue and plan on bringing back these settings....woohoo!

3. Auto Trace - They were not aware of this glitch until I spoke to them today. When you go to do an Auto Trace, turn off the High Pass filter (as we've always done in the past) then increase the threshold it seems to work but, if you also want to use the Low Pass Filter it either grays out or makes you click off of that area to the work are to get it to work. They are now aware of this and will have this fixed.

Check out my video to see the wonderful things you will get if you upgrade and if get the Studio Designer Edition.

I want to add. I currently am running 3 versions of the Studio software on one computer. I decided it would be nice to have them while I waited for Silhouette Techs to iron out the bugs. I am confident in knowing Silhouette America is one of the finest companies out there. They always do their best to make their customers happy. The ownderful Support Team at Silhouette is hands down, the best of the best. They will always make sure you are using your cutting machines and enjoying them. Please know, this software is wonderful and will be even better when the kinks are straightened out.